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chafa /ˈtʃafa/ (adj): cheap, low quality; lame

Chafa's main repository is hosted on Github. Pull requests are welcome! You can also report issues there.

The core functionality of Chafa is implemented as a shared library with a stable C API. It has an online reference manual.

There are also Python bindings, courtesy of Erica Ferrua Edwardsdóttir, that allow Chafa to be used in Python programs. Adding terminal graphics support to your project has never been easier!

At this point there are a few projects using Chafa for graphical presentation. Among them are Cue, Felix, HarfBuzz (hb-view), nb, Neofetch, Offpunk, Oyomu, Telescope for Neovim, and chafa.nvim, another Neovim plugin.

If you're using Chafa in a project, I'd love to hear about it so I can list it on this page.


chafa is written and maintained by Hans Petter Jansson ( et al and is licensed under the LGPLv3+.


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