I bought a bicycle.


Robust with a couple of gears, reasonably priced. Unfortunately, there was not a single one for sale that didn’t have front-wheel suspension. Apparently you can only get “urban bikes” without suspension, and they are – irrationally – not in season. Oh well. I’m pretty happy with it anyway. It’s been about 8 years since I last owned a vehicle, and I’d totally forgotten the thrill of speed and the satisfaction of putting momentum and gravity to work for you.


In addition to the kernel’s per-process CPU and I/O priorities, it would be nice to have memory residency priorities. That way, we could hint the kernel into keeping proportionally more pages of latency-sensitive desktop processes in RAM – like the main menu, the taskbar, the file manager and maybe some applets. Disk cache could have its own priority, a la the swappiness setting in /proc/sys/vm/swappiness. It could be a practical* way to mitigate the “my main menu takes several seconds from click to paint” problem.

* Since I’m not a kernel dev, I’m just guessing here.