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How many FIXMEs do the various projects in my jhbuild directory have? Curiosity got the better of me today:

hpj [~/work/jhbuild/gnome-2.16] for PKG in $(find . -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type d | cut -b 3- | sort); do N_FIXME=$(find $PKG -iregex ‘.*.(c|h|py|cpp|cc|hh|cs)$’ -exec grep -i FIXME {} ; | wc -l); printf “% 5d %sn” $N_FIXME $PKG; done | sort -n -r

718 evolution
444 evolution-data-server
429 gtk+
151 gstreamer
148 gtkhtml
147 nautilus
146 gst-plugins-base
125 gnome-vfs
123 ORBit2
107 gst-plugins-good
104 mozilla
89 metacity

…and so on. Try it yourself!

I expect these come in all difficulty levels – from the usually quite easy “should I free this?” to the harder “oh my god I’ve painted myself into a corner and need to re-architect a large chunk of the program”. Some will be worth fixing, others will not. The good thing is that they pinpoint potential problems for free, without having to run a debugger. Something for those oh-so-frequent idle moments?

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