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Johns fiskeweblogg

I dag fant jeg ut at en gammel kompis, John, driver og skriver på en slik fiskeweblogg sammen med noen venner (deriblant Gustav og Jan Ole, som jeg kjenner såvidt). Loggen deres heter “fisk fisk fisk,” og er festlig lesning selv for meg som ikke har peiling på fisk eller fiske.

Easily Amused

Events have had me thinking about computer games lately, so I thought I’d share. In case you’re looking for a Freed computer game classic, these are two underrated ones I’ve enjoyed:

Star Control 2 OpenTTD

Star Control 2 - Released for DOS in 1992, this is one of the few games I’ve played that actually provoked belly laughs at more than one occasion. Toys for Bob released the partially ported source under the GPL in 2002, to the delight of its persistent fan base. The game now runs pretty much perfectly on Linux, Windows and MacOS X, and fans have contributed additional artwork gravy.

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe - This one is a real gem with a rough edge: The engine has been re-implemented from scratch and extended with tons of features including improved network play, but you need the artwork from the original game in order to play it. An effort is underway to produce high-quality replacement graphics - in the meantime, I’m told the original artwork is easy enough to “find”. This one is tri-OS too.

Oh, and don’t forget Toshok’s Starcraft clone! Although I’m not sure that’s playable yet. The SCSharp site seems to be broken at the moment.

In other news, Joakim is taking the Mexican media to task for its political bias and general hilarity. Hopefully he’ll keep this up with regular instalments - it’s funny because it’s true.



The lime tree in our garden keeps bearing large amounts of fruit.