desktop-file-utils 0.24 released

One thing one can do in this amazing summer heat, is cut the 0.24 release of desktop-file-utils. It's rather a small thing, but since the last few releases have been happening at roughly three-year intervals I felt it merited a quick post.

Changes since 0.23


  • Allow desktop file spec version 1.2 (Severin Glöckner).
  • Add Budgie, Deepin, Enlightenment and Pantheon to list of registered desktop environments (fdo#10, fdo#11, fdo#16, oldfdo#97385) (Ikey Doherty, sensor.wen, Joonas Niilola, David Faure).


  • Sort output lines internally to conserve reproducibility (fdo#12) (Chris Lamb).
  • Use pledge(2) on OpenBSD to limit capabilities (fdo#13) (Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse).


  • Fix missing ; when appending to a list not ending with one (oldfdo#97388) (Pascal Terjan).
  • Add font as valid media type (Matthias Clasen).
  • Fix broken emacs blocking compile (fdo#15) (Hans Petter Jansson, reported by John).


desktop-file-utils contains command line utilities for working with desktop entries:

  • desktop-file-validate: Validates a desktop file according to the desktop entry specification.
  • desktop-file-install: Installs a desktop file to the applications directory after applying optional modifications.
  • update-desktop-database: Updates the database containing a cache of MIME types handled by desktop files.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release! And an extra big thanks to Daniel Stone for his patient support.

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