Novell hack week, day 2

Day 2 is at an end, and I've spent it learning about C# and Mono tools, looking into how other projects do stuff. I now have a Git repository with a fledgling project structure, and a more solid foundation to work from knowledge-wise.

I feel a little bad for posting that Monodevelop screenshot yesterday. The intention wasn't to make Monodevelop look bad, but rather to convey the occasional feeling of exasperation you can get when learning to use new tools, moving outside your comfort zone. I was using the older version that comes with openSUSE 10.3, assuming that would've been patched to fix most serious issues. I was wrong.

Fortunately, the eminent Mr. Hutchinson pointed me in the right direction – I got a newer version from one of his build service repos, and that works much better, although it still spews a little to the terminal. You can tell a lot of work went into it; this is the first time I've felt like I'm using a true IDE on Linux, i.e. the "integration" part actually works.

Mike arrived from Mexico City last night and will be spending the next couple of days here. His tiny new Lenovo X series Thinkpad looks totally sweet, but he spent a lot of time fighting poor wireless drivers. I guess most of us can empathize with that. Tomorrow, Tambet and Federico will hopefully join us, and we can all bask in teh hack week synergy.

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