GVFS Benchmarking

For Novell’s hack week, I wrote some benchmarking code for GVFS. It may not sound that exciting, but performance interests me, and it needed to be done. So far, the results are much better than I feared – for remote URIs, requests are proxied through a daemon over a D-Bus bus, and that had me worried.

In my particular setup, creating a file on a remote SMB share, filling it with 50MB data and reading it back took 16% longer using GVFS calls compared to bare POSIX and a kernel mount, and about twice as much CPU. As expected, for local FS operations the performance is pretty much equal.

There’s also a many-small-files test, in which I suspect GVFS will fare a lot worse, but I haven’t been able to make a good comparison due to some incomplete code paths in GVFS.

The code is on my GVFS branch in the new ‘test’ directory.

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