Ready, on, boil

Got a new boiler installed today. This one is automatic, so we now have hot water on demand – which means I can stumble out of bed and directly into the shower, instead of getting dressed, stumbling outside, fiddling with flammable gas supply, stumbling back inside, staring at my desk for 20 minutes, undressing, showering and remembering to turn the boiler back off. Quite an improvement.

Telmex has been dicking around with my precious Internet all day. After weeks of different technicians demanding I cycle the modem's power, replace my filters, replace most of my phone cabling (which I, out of sheer desperation, let them do), &c, they've been slowly arriving at the conclusion I suggested to begin with: Something's wrong at the central.

I've been patient, letting them do their thing by the book, remembering that if 1) you fail to listen to an engineer and 2) something bad happens, you may be subject to 3) additional screwage, even if 1) and 2) are unrelated.

The central may apparently take another couple of days to fix. To their credit, though, this hasn't cost me a thing apart from my copious spare time.

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