Grand Finale México

Since we’re leaving the country for good (or at least for a very long time), we thought it’d be nice to do the full-on tourist thing and take a bunch of pictures – actually the only time we’ve done so in the ten years I’ve lived here – taking a little piece of Mexico with us.

So Maru and I just got back from two weeks of vacations non-essential travel. We’ve had an excellent time, spending the first week in the northern states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa – taking the Chepe train through Copper Canyon territory and reaching an altitude of about 2600m – and the second week on the southern island of Cozumel, scuba diving down to -8m.

The influenza outbreak took us by surprise – we’ve passed through the Mexico City airport three times since the 18th of April, and hope to do so again in another couple of days – but we are apparently both healthy at this point. It’d be a bummer if our flight out gets cancelled or – even worse – if we’re quarantined in Europe, though. Fortunately, the way things are looking now, there isn’t a huge chance of that happening.

On the upside, we had Cozumel almost to ourselves (we were referred to as “the only two tourists left on the island” at least once), as people kept leaving and no more were arriving. I feel bad for anyone working in the tourist business here, though, especially our friend Hilda who lent us her battered charming open VW beetle so we could cruise around the island in style.

Copper Canyon river

One of the rivers winding through the Copper Canyon

SUSE rocks

SUSE rocks (I suspect Bryen will love this)

 El Zorro and I

 Apparently, our hotel in El Fuerte was once the ranch where Don Diego de la Vega, aka El Zorro, grew up. I had no idea!

 Cozumel coastline

Ghost island Cozumel

Mind that face

Can you believe they actually let us through the security checkpoints dressed like this?

Home, sweet home

I’m finally back in Xalapa after more than three weeks on the road.

After the wildly successful GTK+ Berlin hackfest, I spent a day in the Hague with my good friends Andrea and Marcus, then headed for home. The flight was awful as usual, but mitigated by the fact that I was bringing back good memories and lots and lots of Belgian and Dutch candy.

Three happy hackers
Christian, Alex and Benjamin: Three happy hackers
(Ryan was AWOL for the picture)

GTK+ 2008 hackfest crew
The hackfest gang
(Picture courtesy of Tor Lillqvist)

Andrea, Marcus and their parrot, Perla
Andrea, Marcus and their pet parrot, Perla

Bikes at the Hague central station
Bikes parked at the Hague central station

The Ongoing GVFS Saga


Spent last week in Stockholm working on GVFS with Alex. We made great strides – pretty much all of the file system operations are now implemented in gvfs-daemon, gvfs-fuse-daemon and the SMB backend. Plenty of work remaining, though.


I bought a bicycle.


Robust with a couple of gears, reasonably priced. Unfortunately, there was not a single one for sale that didn’t have front-wheel suspension. Apparently you can only get “urban bikes” without suspension, and they are – irrationally – not in season. Oh well. I’m pretty happy with it anyway. It’s been about 8 years since I last owned a vehicle, and I’d totally forgotten the thrill of speed and the satisfaction of putting momentum and gravity to work for you.