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Grand Finale México

Since we’re leaving the country for good (or at least for a very long time), we thought it’d be nice to do the full-on tourist thing and take a bunch of pictures - actually the only time we’ve done so in the ten years I’ve lived here - taking a little piece of Mexico with us.

So Maru and I just got back from two weeks of vacations non-essential travel. We’ve had an excellent time, spending the first week in the northern states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa - taking the Chepe train through Copper Canyon territory and reaching an altitude of about 2600m - and the second week on the southern island of Cozumel, scuba diving down to -8m.

The influenza outbreak took us by surprise - we’ve passed through the Mexico City airport three times since the 18th of April, and hope to do so again in another couple of days - but we are apparently both healthy at this point. It’d be a bummer if our flight out gets cancelled or - even worse - if we’re quarantined in Europe, though. Fortunately, the way things are looking now, there isn’t a huge chance of that happening.

On the upside, we had Cozumel almost to ourselves (we were referred to as “the only two tourists left on the island” at least once), as people kept leaving and no more were arriving. I feel bad for anyone working in the tourist business here, though, especially our friend Hilda who lent us her battered charming open VW beetle so we could cruise around the island in style.

Copper Canyon river

One of the rivers winding through the Copper Canyon

SUSE rocks

SUSE rocks (I suspect Bryen will love this)

 El Zorro and I

 Apparently, our hotel in El Fuerte was once the ranch where Don Diego de la Vega, aka El Zorro, grew up. I had no idea!

 Cozumel coastline

Ghost island Cozumel

Mind that face

Can you believe they actually let us through the security checkpoints dressed like this?

Life update, winter of 2009

Maru and I spent Christmas in Norway this year, and I’ve stayed on a bit to get things organized for our impending relocation here. Circumstances have delayed us, so instead of arriving ahead of the local recession, we’ll be setting up right in the middle of it. One can only hope that Norway will weather it as well as the media will have one believe.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of things to do besides worrying. For instance, there’s work, which at the moment consists of a kind of snow-shoveling exercise. Then there’s literally shoveling snow - oddly satisfying after so many years in the tropics. Between that and the access to (suitably tame) nature, I might work off the Christmas pounds yet. Apart from that, I’ve gotten to spend some quality time with my grumpy friends - notably, Johannes turned 30.

View from my workspace View from terrace Front porch Maru skiing Johannes turns 30

Tick tock

As of yesterday, I have survived to 31 years of age. That is all for now.

Maru and Federico on my 31st birthday

Maru and Federico preparing to eat Moros con Cristianos

I has a face

I’m wearing it on my head. Looks good on planets!

More GUADEC, Istanbul

A day and a half left of the conference. Some pictures from the awesome, Collabora-sponsored Bosporus cruise, sightseeing, etc. below. Everyone seems to be having a good time.

Bosporus cruise Istanbul bridge Castle Mosque Another mosque Cats everywhere Clemens and Federico

Fun at GUADEC 2008

Tram in istanbul

At GUADEC 2008. Istanbul is a fun and interesting place, and the talks aren’t all that bad either. Not much time to write or code, though.

Magos Herrera en Xalapa

Magos en Xalapa

Por primera vez Magos Herrera viene a Xalapa. Maru está organizando el evento, que será en el Teatro del Estado el sábado 3 de Mayo a las 8 PM. Date cuenta, es el sábado que viene!

Todavía hay boletos, se están vendiendo en la taquilla del teatro - 350 pesos numerado y 250 general. Parte de las ganancias van a Amigos de los Animales, A.C.

No faltes!

Update for the English-monolingual brigade: The post is about the jazz concert my wife is organizing in Xalapa this coming weekend. If you really can’t stand languages other than your own, and you have a feed reader that can filter by tags, you can filter out my posts tagged “In Spanish” and “In Norwegian”. Thank you.

Home, sweet home

I’m finally back in Xalapa after more than three weeks on the road.

After the wildly successful GTK+ Berlin hackfest, I spent a day in the Hague with my good friends Andrea and Marcus, then headed for home. The flight was awful as usual, but mitigated by the fact that I was bringing back good memories and lots and lots of Belgian and Dutch candy.

Three happy hackers
Christian, Alex and Benjamin: Three happy hackers
(Ryan was AWOL for the picture)

GTK+ 2008 hackfest crew
The hackfest gang
(Picture courtesy of Tor Lillqvist)

Andrea, Marcus and their parrot, Perla
Andrea, Marcus and their pet parrot, Perla

Bikes at the Hague central station
Bikes parked at the Hague central station

Swinging by Europe: The Story Thus Far

Late last month, I strapped on my backpack and went across the ocean to FOSDEM in Brussels. It was good to see some of the openSUSE and old Ximian guys again, but I was feeling kind of drained the whole time. Had Belgian waffles w/everything, which is a lot more “everything” than it is “waffle” (i.e. ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, strawberry jam, strawberries and banana).

Old Building in Brussels
Some old building in Brussels

After FOSDEM, I spent close to two weeks in Norway, visiting family and friends in between work. I even went skiing one weekend, an experience I’ve been idealizing in my mind since I moved to Mexico. Even so, it lived up to expectations.

Ski Tracks
Ski tracks

Me and Mom Skiing
Me and my Mom skiing

My friends at Copyleft Software A/S were kind enough to lend me office space in Oslo. I must say they have an awesome work environment thing going.

Outside Copyleft’s Offices
Outside Copyleft’s offices

Lunch at Copyleft
Lunch at Copyleft

Leo is Donald Duck
Leo making his famous Donald Duck impression

After Norway, I left for Berlin where I’m currently taking up space at the GTK+ Hackfest.

Ends and Beginnings, 2008

In the year that went:

  • My old blog went south. Which is just as well, I guess, since the hosting was pretty shitty. I now have a shiny new blog hosted with a more reliable provider. Maybe I’ll even be able to rescue the old content…
  • Our cat, Tina, died.
  • The trees in our garden were infested with an assortment of parasitic organisms, and had to be completely cut back. They’re already sprouting new growth, though.
  • I turned 30 on a hot day in Havana.


Tina the irreverent cat

Cinnamon tree regrowth