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Taking out the trash

A friend of mine, Vegard Munthe, works for FAIR, an aid organization that ships used but working computers from rich (or industrialized, or first world, or whatever you want to call it) countries to poorer countries for re-use in school labs there. As part of the deal, the computers are shipped back for reprocessing when they are no longer working, to avoid them piling up and causing all kinds of environmental problems. Not so long ago they received their first return shipment - according to Vegard, getting the permits to ship and import what basically amounts to a pile of toxic waste was quite the challenge.

FAIR’s first return shipment

Fun fun fun! Congratulations to Vegard & crew on this important milestone.

Tick tock

As of yesterday, I have survived to 31 years of age. That is all for now.

Maru and Federico on my 31st birthday

Maru and Federico preparing to eat Moros con Cristianos

GDK indirect rendering backend online

I just finished touching up that GDK backend for rendering toplevel windows to Cairo image surfaces I briefly presented at GUADEC. It now compiles with the latest GTK+ trunk, and it even has a page with instructions for how to check it out and build it. There are some examples too.

With time, I can hopefully get this to production quality levels.