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Just when you thought you’d seen all the good movies

We just got back from seeing Inside Man at the cinema. We basically went to see what was on and picked it at random, not even knowing that it was a Spike Lee movie.

Naturally it was far above expectations. It’s an exciting and dramatic bank robbery movie, a fun Noo Yahk cop movie, and at the same time a trademark multicultural Spike Lee movie with a couple of takes at a society that for all its internal conflicts manages to plod along. The director knows when to apply formula and when to add a dash of originality. In the end, the movie isn’t really about the robbery, nor is it about flashy gadgets and big explosions. It’s about some of the strong characters involved in it and their back stories.

It runs longer than two hours, but it feels like a regular 1:30 film. I won’t say any more. Go see it.

Fauna of Xalapa

Found a biggish spider in the shower yesterday. I’m sure this is everyday fare for people who live around these parts, but for us ex-city dwellers it’s kinda exciting.

Spider in Shower

I managed to set it free outside without harming it. Sorry about the low image quality - buy me a better camera.

This reminds me that I should post some pictures Maru took of the Tlacuache that visits our back yard every now and then:

Tlacuache Tlacuache Tlacuache Tlacuache

You should be able to click on them and get bigguns.