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Flying Like Bricks Don’t

If all goes according to plan, I’m embarking tomorrow on another Novell-sponsored journey to Boston. The plane leaves on Sunday, but I have to get to Mexico City first. Dunno how I feel about it yet. You know you’ve been in Mexico for too long when you think 6℃ is barely tolerable, and Boston’s going to be a lot colder than that. Since my Mexican visa is still undergoing an upgrade, I’ll have to travel on a provisional one, and I have a feeling it’ll get me in trouble somehow.

I’ve been ill lately, first from food poisoning before Christmas and then with some nasty flu that just wouldn’t let go. Finished recovering, in time to catch some nasty virus on the plane, I’m sure. Oil should hurry up and peak, so I can start going by steam boat. Get lots more hacking done.